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A Website Alone Does Not Guarantee Success

However, there's more to winning customers and building brand loyalty than just having a web presence. You need a professional website, a solid marketing strategy, and a brand that resonates with your audience. 

  1. Websites: A professional website can build credibility with your audience, but having an unprofessional website can have the exact opposite effect and turn potential customers off to your product, brand and company. Usability is key to a successful website, so take heed of the 7 deadly sins of landing page design when you are planning your structure and web presence.
  2. Marketing: It's important to remember that just because it's there, doesn't mean your audience will find it. Cross promotion is key. You still need to build traffic to your site and market yourself through a variety of marketing tactics. You can utilize social media to drive traffic to your site and communicate your brand personality. Combined with a great print advertising campaign and you'll effectively reach your audience and build brand loyalty.
  3. Online Promotions: SEO and online advertising are creating big buzz with businesses. In recent years, online advertising revenues rose to equal traditional print revenues in dollars generated. However, SEO and online campaigns, just like print campaigns, are cost driven and you'll only get out what you put in. Make sure you allow proper budgets to guarantee a successful outcome.
  4. Outdoor and Media: Outdoor advertising and traditional media outlets, like radio and TV, can effectively drive customers to your business, promote your website, and help you build brand loyalty. Once you've identified your target audience, you may find that these traditional methods are better suited to them. And don't forget cross promotion; many TV and Radio commercials promote social media pages and contests as part of the overall marketing strategy. 

Before launching your new website, or creating an expensive online or print campaign, take a moment to make sure you are planning ahead and building a successful strategy.

In short, when planning for success, keep an open mind and make sure your goals are inline with your budget.

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