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Choosing the Marketing Tools That Are Right for You

Before you commit to a new technology in your marketing plan, make sure to ask yourself these basic questions.

  1. Does the new technology platform reach my target audience?
    For example, using Social Media can be very effective when promoting to a tech savvy crowd that thrives on instant updates to their social media sites. However, if your target audience thinks Social Media is radio and television, it's probably the wrong technology to use to reach them. Find out what appeals to your audience, and customize your approach and tools to them.
  2. Do you have the time to commit to making the technology effective?
    While most Social Media and Blog tools on the market are easy to use, in order for them to be effective tools, you need to dedicate time and resources to keep them up to date and populated with fresh content. Nothing says outdated, like a Blog that hasn't been updated in 3 months.
  3. Does the new technology platform fit with my project budget?
    If you are a small company with a limited marketing budget, you need to make sure that you can dedicate the proper budget to really make the technology investment worthwhile. Placing random web ads on low traffic sites, or sites that your target audience rarely visits, will be ineffective and a waste of your already stretched budget. Dedicate the initial investment to work with a professional agency that can build effective web ads and help you identify the right advertising options for your audience.

381 Design and its partners can help you refine your tactics to fit your goals and audience.  Stop throwing your marketing budget away and get the targeted approach that you need to see results.

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