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The 4 Most Common Mistakes in Logo Design

Well, you wouldn't believe how many people get this wrong. They forget to go through the checklist and end up with a logo that restricts usage or just doesn't function very well.

Here's a basic checklist that can help you achieve an effective and lasting logo design.

  1. Is your logo easy to read?
    Does your name stand out or does it get lost in a graphic element or overdesigned font style that overwhelms the actual words. Remember, it also needs to be easily read in "single color" black only reproduction.
  2. Does your logo read well at small sizes?
    This is a key factor in design that is often missed. If you end up needing a magnifying glass to read the type in your logo, you'll end up with missed opportunities to promote your business and services.
  3. Does your logo work well on dark and light backgrounds?
    Often times you'll end up with a logo that doesn't provide you with the flexibility to be reproduced on colors that may not be your branded palette. This is important to consider, as you never know what opportunities are out there. Why limit your options when you can maximize them.    
  4. Can your logo be reproduced clearly for large format advertising?
    If your designer created your logo in an 8.5 x 11 Photoshop file, then you are in for a very bumpy ride. Vector art is king in the land of logo creation and it allows for reproduction in extremely large formats without the loss of crisp edges or graphic readability.

Have you been struggling to find the logo of your dreams? Contact 381 Design, and we'll help you achieve your logo and branding goals.

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