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The Importance of Responsive Design for Your Website

Smartphones and tablets have changed the face of the internet and how we access it. Today, it's estimated that 60% of web visitors will access your website from one or more portable devices, making it a necessity to update your site to a full responsive layout or at the very least add a custom mobile version.

What is responsive design?

Responsive design is the approach of coding a website to provide an optimal viewing experience for the visitor based on the device being used to visit the site. Navigation elements, content and images are programmed to adjust, stack or resize to allow each element visibility on many different sized screens, while keeping type sized for readability even on the smallest requesting device.

Responsive and custom mobile sites are also programmed to be accessible via "touch" instead of just "click", making smartphone access easier and less frustrating for the visitor. This is key if you want your search engine results to improve instead of plummet.

What is Custom Mobile website?

If you don't currently have a responsive website, you can do a custom mobile website add-on that will allow visitors to access some or all content on smartphones. The key to adding a custom mobile site, especially if you site contains a large number of pages, is to predict what type of information a visitor might want to access while on the go.

Some mobile sites are simple overviews of your services and organization, click to call and email us options, and easy location mapping via smartphone maps. Other mobile sites contain the full content from your website, but keep in mind that the visitor is navigating this from a 2" x 3" screen. So if your site contains lots of articles and pages, it can be tough to navigate on a phone screen.

In Summary

A custom mobile site can hold off the necessity for a full website redesign into responsive programming for a short time, but eventually everything web will need to be responsive if you are going to keep up with your competition. 

If you are ready to get mobile or preparing to take the leap to getting a full responsive site, contact 381 Design and let us help you take your site to the next level.

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